The Front Porch Trust Scholarship Fund was established in 2005 by the Paoli Business and Professional Association to provide a lasting legacy to the Greater Paoli community.

The fund's creation was inspired by a singular belief: With all that is going on in the world today, one of the best investments we can make is in our community and our children. The name of the scholarship fund is a nod to the time when people sat on their front porches, talked with neighbors and were regular participants in community activities.

Through this scholarship program, the trust seeks to encourage young people to become more invested and involved in their local and global communities, and to recognize that they truly can make a difference.

2014 FPT Scholarship finalists

2014 Front Porch Trust Scholarship Finalists

The FPT Scholarship Fund awards scholarships to students from Conestoga High School in Berwyn, PA, and Great Valley High School in Malvern, PA who are pursuing post-secondary education and are making a difference in the community through volunteer efforts and/or school and civic involvement.

In its first 10 years, the Fund awarded approximately $50,000 to deserving students.

— Breakfast for Champions —

2012 Scholarship Applicants

2012 Breakfast for Champions Scholarship Finalists

The annual Breakfast for Champions was established in 2006 to publicly honor student volunteers from Conestoga and Great Valley High Schools who have applied for the Front Porch Trust Scholarship.

Traditionally, the Breakfast is held in April and is hosted by the Upper Main Line YMCA in the Carriage House on its campus in Berwyn, PA. Attendants include parents of the applicants, the applicants themselves, school officials, local legislators and representatives of the Front Porch Trust.

In honoring student applicants publicly, we hope to encourage further leadership activities as they progress through college and their subsequent careers. We hope that someday some may return to assume leadership roles in our Greater Paoli community.

— Front Porch Trust Scholarship Recipients —


Conestoga High School

2017 Conestoga winners

Roxanna Fouladi, Nik Delgado, Elise Delgado

Great Valley High School

2017 Great Valley winners

Joshita Varshney, Alexis Bloedel, Venkat Palanati


Conestoga High School

Winners from Conestoga High School

Jason Kim, Olivia Schappel, Jacob Leibowitz

Great Valley High School

Great Valley HS scholarship winners

Mihir Alve, Eric Wang, Danielle Capriola


Conestoga High School

Katherine Elken
Justine Gluck
Amanda L. Hurst

Great Valley High School

Cameron B. Calhoun
Alvis C. Headon
Melissa DeWoody


Conestoga High School

Molly Martin
Sreejata Munsi
Andrew Utter

Great Valley High School

Melissa Mallon
Caroline Sharp
Elliot Taylor


Conestoga High School

Allison Chiang
Caroline Donahue
Mackenzie Kilgore

Great Valley High School

Samantha Stern
Micaela Suminski
Peter Wang


Conestoga High School

Leah Fein
Madison Miller
Carl Weisbecker

Great Valley High School

Emily Norris
Brian Sheridan
Danielle Smith